Wednesday, May 31, 2006

other people's wedding

so last weekend we had a black tie wedding to attend. this gave me the opportunity to a) try out a new hairdo and b) practice my dance moves with Thurston. let's just say that the hair was more of a success even though it was rainy on the way to the wedding (out in Long Island).

five seconds after this photo was taken, i sneezed and actually felt the seams of my dress straining not to bust open.

during the ceremony, Dr. Sexy and his bride-to-be exchanged their own vows. hers included a line in which she stated that her groom was "the sexiest man" she had known. their rabbi picked up on this (as rabbis are wont to do, all of them, in my opinion harboring dashed dreams of a Catskills-based comedy career) and then also referred to the groom as being "sexy." Thurston, from that point on, has refused to call the groom anything other than "Dr. Sexy."*

the freshly wed Dr. Sexy and the missus.

happily, the wine flowed as freely as our rocking dance moves. and somehow, without the involvement of any hydraulic systems, i managed not to fall out of my dress. (see below).

this is what happens when you insist on wearing a dress that fit you when you weighed twenty pounds less.

at the end of the wedding, the somewhat inebriated Thurston and i managed to finagle a ride home with my parents. (who were not at the wedding, but were in Long Island for the day and held off returning to the city in order to save us the hassle of coordinating a car service with the end of the wedding.) i am sure that ride was a super-fun experience for the JadedParents. at one point, T mentioned that he had only had "one drink", meaning he had one cocktail and wine for the rest. the next morning my mom called me and asked me if Thurston had had "only one drink". i told her that he had one mixed drink, but many glasses of wine. "ahh," she said. "that makes so much more sense. because after we dropped you off, daddy asked me if i heard T say that he only had one drink. i said i thought i did. then dad said, 'it must have been a pretty big drink, because those two were *drunk*.'"
that JadedDad. he's a good sport!
* yes, even on the video, he made a point of calling Dr. A by his newly anointed title. sorry 'bout that!!


At 6/05/2006 06:46:00 PM, Blogger Riona said...

I live my life in envy of girls with va-va-voom.

At 6/06/2006 11:03:00 PM, Blogger Lovey H. said...

if va-va-voom means cups that runneth over, my best prescription is a dress two sizes too small...


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