Tuesday, April 11, 2006

almost like Valentine's Day (Stonekelly)

... in that there were flowers and chocolates involved. the fiancé? not so much as he tends to avoid the florist appointments in lieu of more "manly" pursuits. such as darts. (because, really, what's tougher than darts? ha!)
last night, my mom and i had a florist meeting with Stonekelly. my dad, ever the good sport (read: masochist) decided to tag alone and also drive us over to the appointment, which was just about in the Hudson River.

the Stonekelly shop/workspace was filled with flowers and other pretty decorations. when we arrived, someone was working on arrangements that were very similar to the colors of one of my bridesmaid's wedding bouquets. (that would be bridesmaid Sam, since she's the only one of who's yet married.) we met with Jen Stone, who was utterly charming and let me eat Hershey's kisses that were glued* to an ice skate (from a Bat Mitzvah centerpiece). they were hard to pry off, but well worth the effort.

Stonekelly's florals were very up my alley. Jen had a great vision of color and was very familiar with the Met Club space. her ideas about lighting and incorporating the Club's own decor were spot on, and she had great bouquet ideas, especially since my bridesmaids dresses definitely could be tricky colorwise. all in all, it was a fabulous meeting and we all adored Jen and her designs.

then, to top it off, she gave my mom and i each some loose flowers to take home (pictured at right). that part ruled since i do like flowers and i do like free. the free part of my night only got better, though, since my parents then took me out to dinner. we specifically (or, rather, i) chose a place right near T's darts game (East 40's) so that post-dinner, i could pop over to say hi. then, of course, dinner ended and i was sleepy and my parents offered to drive me home. thus, i bailed on the darts visit.** it was only 10pm and the darts thing usually goes until after 11, and i wanted to watch last week's Veronica Mars, which i had on DVR.

once at home, i called T who informed me that they were almost done. so i called my parents, to tell them that "i might as well have gone to darts, since they're almost done anyway." my mom, also a good sport, offered to loop back around "only four blocks away!" and come get me so i could surprise T and show up at the darts game. (later i found out from my father that, to my mom, "four" = "twenty"). anyway, i run down to meet my parents and as they pull up to the curb i get T on the phone who tells me that he and his buddies/darts team have just paid their tab and are heading home. timing is everything i guess. and i got nothing. except for free flowers and glue kisses, that is. awesome!

* actually, the wrappers were glued on, not the kisses themselves. this is why i did not eat the glued-on jelly beans--though i thought about it--those ones had glue/epoxy right on them and i figured that might not be healthy. but glue right there on the thin foil layer? perfectly healthy!

** having had the forethought not to mention to T that i was even in the area, there would be no fallout from my last minute "abort mission" call.