Tuesday, March 14, 2006

a man of wealth and taste

Rolling Stones concert tonight, and i'm invited!

yes, Thurston, wonderful fellow that he is, took me to my first Rolling Stones concert back in September. i was happy, thinking that it was probably the one and only time i would see the old guys play a show, bearing in mind how freaking old they are.

well, come 2006 and a private benefit concert being put on at Radio City Music Hall. tickets are only available to those who have donated to Robin Hood (an amazing charity--"venture philanthropy," they call it). lo and behold, T is a Robin Hood donor (since meeting me and JadedDad, who are great supporters of the foundation) and gets the passcode to obtain tickets.

and now we have seats in the center of row A of one of the mezzanines. yay, Thurston! and yay for me since seeing the Stones in a venue of this size promises to be awesome.

we'll be hitting Cité Grill for dinner prior to the show, which includes a three-hour open bar. the B-52's* are opening, which i that much cooler since they just played the Planet on my favorite non-HBO-pay-cable show, The L Word.**
*Sheryl Crow was scheduled to open but had to cancel when she underwent surgery.
** yes, i do realize that only
Jolie cares about this reference.


At 3/15/2006 09:15:00 AM, Anonymous Honky Tonk Thurston said...

Date: Mar 14, 2006
Location:New York City - UNITED STATES - Radio City Music Hall

Set List
JJ Flash
It's Only Rock And Roll
Oh No Not You Again
Tumblin' Dice
Worried About You
Gimmie Shelter
Midnight Rambler
This Place Is Empty
You Got Me Rocking
As Tears Go By
Get Off My Cloud
Honky Tonk Woman
Start Me Up
Brown Sugar
Can't Always Get What You Want

At 3/15/2006 07:11:00 PM, Blogger jolie said...


1- I love the B52s (even though I was mortified for them on TLW
2- I just told mama ro that for her 65th bday this summer I would take her to see the stones. but I'm going to have to pay pay and pay some more for the tickets and won't have some cool charity attached to them
3-thank you for the gratuitous TLW reference, most appreciated

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