Monday, February 27, 2006

when i hear music, it makes me dance...

when i hear music, it makes me dance...
unless, of course, the price of that music is the same as a small car. ah, yes, searching for a wedding band certainly was an eye-opener.

you might think you know what a wedding band costs. you are probably underestimating. before i begin sharing with you the "process" of winnowing down bands, i will give you some perspective.

although these two sites list about a zillion acts, here is a brief sampling of the (approximate) prices to book a famous act to play a concert:

  • The Village People (the effin Macho-est of Men!), $25,000+
  • Lee Greenwood (he's proud to be an American), $25,000
  • Montell Jordan (this is how we do it!), $20,000 (with a live band!)
  • Darius Rucker, $20-25,000
  • Fatboy Slim, $25-30,000
  • Jordan Knight, $6,000+
  • Tiffany, $5-7,500
  • Ryan Adams, $15,000+
  • Funkmaster Flex, $10 - 15k
  • They Might Be Giants, $15 - 20k

ok, just to make sure we've got this straight, you can get *Hootie* to play for you for under $25K. got it? good.

here are some of the bands that we entertained booking for our wedding (a couple of these are entertainment pureyors that have a "stable" of a few bands that they handle):

Bud Maltin:

the first meeting we had was with Bud Maltin, bandleader of The Bud Maltin Orchestra. my parents had been to the wedding of their friends' daughter, where Bud's band was the entertainment. my dad loved the music, danced all night and took Bud's card. (mind you, this wedding was in July 2005, *well* before T and i were engaged. apparently my dad is quite the forward thinker.)

when Thurston found out we'd be meeting Bud at the Penn Club, he was entirely thrilled, thinking Bud was a fellow "Fighting Quaker." when T found out that Bud did not go to Penn, he was a bit disappointed, but quickly bounced back when he saw Bud's super moustache on the web site.

we loved Bud, his vast wedding experience and his repertoire included all the songs of which T and i were fans. we couldn't complain about his price tag either-- under $10K.* but this was our first band meeting, and we had three more to go, so we didn't sign anything.

more on the next bands we saw in later posts.

* ok, i fully recognize that it's tacky to name numbers, as it were. with that said, what i have found to be exceedingly frustrating in the wedding planning process is the complete dearth of hard numbers to which i can compare price estimates given to us by various vendors. so, tackiness be damned, i am at least going to give ballpark ranges of quotes we get so that some bride, somewhere might have the budgetary context that i did not.


At 2/28/2006 08:46:00 AM, Anonymous MrsA said...

So you're telling me you have the opportunity to have JORDAN KNIGHT at your wedding and you're not going to take it? He's a bargain! Man, you are really making a mistake on that one...Step by step! Ooh baby - gonna get to you girrrrllll. Seriously, you and Thurston could do a SWEET choreographed dance to some old NKOTB.

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