Friday, September 16, 2005

Ponchos? Ponchos? We don't need no stinking ponchos!

this is a photo of the poncho i purchased prior to the show. it is awesome and reversible (to yellow). i cannot wait to wear it. it is so big i could actually live in it. ah, home sweet poncho.

T just sent me the set list from last night's Rolling Stones show.

09/15/05 (Thu) Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ

Set 1: Start Me Up,
You Got Me Rocking, Shattered, Tumbling Dice, Rough Justice, Ruby Tuesday, Doo Doo Doo Doo, The Night Time is the Right Time (Ray Charles cover), The Worst, Infamy, Miss You, Oh No Not You Again, She's So Cold, Honky Tonk Women, Out of Control, Sympathy for the Devil, Jumping Jack Flash, Brown Sugar, Satisfaction
Encore: You Can't Always Get What You Want, It's Only Rock and Roll

despite my initial anxiety about going to a Giants Stadium show in what was sure to be rain, i had a great time at the concert. and not even mostly because it didn't rain. (but my mood was definitely helped by the lack of precipitation. unsurprisingly, i get pretty grumpy in the rain.) i mostly had fun because the Stones rocked. even though Keith Richards face looks like an old shoe and Mick Jagger really ought to retire the lycra blend trousers. that aside, a great night! seeing T overjoyed to be there didn't hurt either.

however, i will say that the Port Authority Bus Terminal may be the most miserable place on earth. it really is horrible. and i now have newfound and untold sympathy for my friends who have to commute to the city from NJ. the wonderful smell of fake butter emanating from Auntie Anne's only makes the suckitude that much worse by comparison.

i do not, however, have sympathy for the jackasses who tried to cut in front of T and i, after we waited on a line that snaked back and forth through the PA's "Area X" for 25 minutes. i gave them hard looks and did not let them ahead of me. no luck for cutters! although my fear of an angry knifing prevented me from directly sharing my thoughts on line-cutting with the line-cutters themselves, i did go as far as to share my thoughts about such "trash" with T loud enough so they can hear. yeah, that'll show 'em. (ok, i am not tough.)

at this point we wished we had my cousin's gf with us. this girl was regaling us with stories of ass-kicking the likes of which i have never heard. at least one of them concluded with "so i woke up in the bushes with a concussion from getting hit with a rock after the three girls jumped me. but THANK GAWD i did not have a black eye. i do not even want to THINK about what would have happened then."* alas, we were with T's brother only, who actually became separated from us by allowing the cutters in front of him. weak!

* apparently, to some a concussion is preferable to a black eye. i'm not familiar with this logic. i just try to avoid situations where i might get hit.


At 9/16/2005 03:31:00 PM, Anonymous Lillers said...

Boo. No Beast of Burden. That's my fave...

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