Monday, August 29, 2005

she's crafty, she gets around

this weekend was spent in the car. T and i made it to Tarrytown and Woodbury Commons on Saturday, and then all the way to Philadelphia* on Sunday.
Saturday was a brunch with T's whole family, scheduled for 1 p.m. at the Striped Bass. although we planned on leaving at 11:30 a.m., we did not get to leave until 12:00 or so, and then proceeded to hit nightmare traffic. at 1:45 p.m., we finally got there. i was entirely stressed out but luckily there was live entertainment at the restaurant. and when i say luckily i actually mean unluckily since the "band" consisted of twin** brothers, in matching flowered shirts, equipped with guitars. you could just tell that they fancied themselves to be masterful singers, with kickass harmonies. unfortunately for them, and for me, they were wrong.

at one point T's mother asked if we thought the "band" took requests. my response? "i request they stop singing." wow, these guys were terrible. and it only got worse when they moved from Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens to their original songs.

fortunately, i knew that my next stop was Woodbury Common-- where the shopping would be plentiful and, more importantly, the music would be prerecorded and piped through speakers. my Tod's excursion was successful, and i was able to land a little purse that matches the tote i already own. hooray!

on Sunday we were off to Philadelphia, to see my cousin the Scientist, his wife and their new baby. my parents procured brunch provisions, picked us up and we were at our destination in 1.5 hours. (if only we had such traffic success on the return trip.) it was great to see the relatives and the baby. she was shockingly cute for 5 days old. in contrast, most very young babies look like space alien/raisin hybrids. we also got to see the afghan i crocheted and gave to the Scientists at their baby shower. this was the first thing i ever crocheted and i am, accordingly, proud of it.

the only snags we ran into were: the horrific traffic we encountered on the way back; the terrible music my father insisted upon playing for the return trip; and the little Scientist's confusion when she was stymied in her attempt to breast feed off of me.

* for Sunday's trip we went in a car with my parents, and hit Jersey traffic (on and off of the Turnpike alike) so really it was the equivalent of driving to Virginia at least, maybe even to one of the Carolinas...

** they may not have been actual twins, but for the purposes of my story they were twins. the lack of talent, on the other hand, was actual.


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