Wednesday, August 10, 2005

color me unimpressed

i am severely bummed out that i no longer have this phone.
thanks to EvilA* (via his anti-Jon Stewart/pro-Jon Arbuckle musings), i've been reminded me how kickass my old Garfield phone was. that phone had eyes that open and close. how many phones today open their eyes?!? none that i know of! Garfield was a real nonconformist.
even my brother was in on Garfield with a little plush doll he had. if you pulled its string it said stuff like, "i hate Mondays" and "color me unimpressed." ah, Garfield. such a shame you had to be sullied by starring in a movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt. that girl should have stuck to dating Bailey and left it at that.

* i should also thank EvilA for treating me to a bacon cheeseburger and chocolate cake this past weekend. boy, do i love burgers.