Wednesday, August 03, 2005

of all the gin joints...

ok, this is entirely too random. so i'm scrolling through the comments on Stephanie Klein's blog (post: undoing), and i see a comment by a guy called "FrankfurtHans." now it's my understanding that the name Hans is not that common, so i mouse over the html link. surprisingly enough, the email appears to be that of a guy who was once my sort-of* boyfriend.

this, of course, does not mean it really is a comment by the guy i once dated, because--and i mean this less as a criticism of him and more as recognition that our relationship was less than communicative--the comment seems so much more, well, thoughtful and quasi-self-aware than he ever seemed to be to me. is this obnoxious of me to note? perhaps. indeed, i don't imagine that, during the time we dated, i came across as particularly endearing or even nice. so there's that. but, he says:
We are adaptable, we are forever changing (with every post Stephanie, you/we are changing), and we will all survive, and it will not take a hundred years to realize this, because in less than one year (before we even realize a year has passed)we will have new friends, new challenges, new loves and we will once again... change.
this just seems so not "of" the guy i knew.

* i say "sort of" since, although we called each other boyfriend/girlfriend, our relationship was not one of deep emotional connectedness. also we met online via nerve, which made it seem a little less "real".


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