Tuesday, January 02, 2001

my finals have not gone well. but apparently greed is way more important than anything else in the law, so if i work on that, i should be ok... or i could forget about law school and just keep watching these short films, which pretty much rule. "Godzilla v. Disco Lando" remains my favorite.

my new year's was a pretty good time. despite the six-hour open bar, i limited my drinking enough so that i was actually able to remember the night. (that makes two years in a row out of the last nine, so something of an accomplishment...) my relative sobriety, though, did make the $150 cover charge seem like money not that well-spent. and having the music die during Miquel Brown's "So Many Men, So Little Time" was a low point. getting home -- sans taxi -- in 12" of snow was even less of a highlight.

i am cheered today to find out that a little piece of me [the review of "The Store: Comedy Central"] still lives on at the newest incarnation of my former company. it's hard to be sublime in 255 characters or less, but i think that i pulled it off fairly well... (advising Episode One shoppers to let the force be with them was not such a coup.)