Monday, August 08, 2005

girls gone mild

this weekend Mr. Howell was in Montreal, partaking of bachelor party festivities in honor of the upcoming nuptials of his college buddy, the Cuban. this left me to my own devices for the first time in a while. (embarrassingly enough, "my own devices" turns out to be shopping and lunching with Mrs. A).

first we headed up to the Follow Me Café, where i decided to forego my diet's restrictions and get "tuna salad." f- calories. i was all about the mayonnaise. alas, our waiter and/or the chef had different plans for me. instead, the salad was tuna--sans mayo--on mixed greens with the barest hint of dressing. i guess you know you need to be on a diet when the restaurant staff starts counting your calories for you. damn it.

luckily all was not lost as, thanks to the tasteful judgment of Mrs. A, i managed to get some crystal barware.


= a very happy Thurston. the glasses won't ship until next week or later, so fingers crossed...


At 8/09/2005 06:39:00 PM, Blogger Mrs. A said...

Thurston CAN'T dislike the Tulipe! The're so much better than the other ones.

Even if he does, point out that at least you did not purchase any heart-shaped canape plates.


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