Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Race for the Cure

this is where i attempt to convince you all to join my Race for the Cure team. the team of which i'm co-captain. (this in itself is pretty impressive since i am not good at racing. frankly, i have some issue when it comes to walking without complaining as well, if i'm being honest.)

anyway, come September 25, 2005, my Race for the Cure team will be walking (or running, if you're into that sort of thing) to raise money that will fund breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs in the New York community, and will also support the national research for a cure.

this cause is particularly important to me as Shaye, my "big" (sorority) sister, at the age of 30, was diagnosed with breast cancer. she fought it-- with multiple surgeries and months of chemo--and today she's a survivor. the money raised at this Race aims to not only make breast cancer a survivable disease for all women, but to find a cure. so please join me in this very important cause. neither Shaye nor any woman should have to suffer through this disease.

here's how to do it:

join my team, which is team JALBCA (Judges And Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert) by clicking here and then click on "Join My Team." and you do not need to be a lawyer or a judge to be on the JALBCA team! all are welcome!!

bonus! a FREE t-shirt!! by joining the team you'll get a hip JALBCA t-shirt (designed by Ivona) for your troubles (and that's in addition to the Komen shirt that you get for registering).

also, if you aren't keen on joining the race team, you can also pledge to support me in the race.
look, i hate to part with money myself (unless it's for shoes and/or cheeseburgers) and, even more than that, hate to solicit money from my friends. so i'll be brief and use "official" information about how much your donation can help: your contribution is tax-deductible and will fund outreach and awareness programs for medically underserved communities in Greater New York City, as well as national breast cancer research. you can do this by clicking "Support Emily!" on my page.

i thank all of you greatly for any support you can give.


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