Tuesday, May 30, 2006

lost weekend(s)

due to many events of late (the wedding Dr. Sexy and Mrs. Doctor; dinner with the Handsomes; my birthday all-you-can-eat meat extravaganza (w/ karaoke bonus!); Memorial Day weekend on Long Island; and my DIY car-washing adventure), i have been a bad blogger, indeed.

more on all the events (with photos too!) tonight.

meantime, i will leave you with a photo of a *good* present.

this is what is on the t-shirt that i got Thurston for *my* birthday, since i am all of a month and a few days older than he... for some reason, it brings him great joy to extol the benefits of "marrying an older woman."
so i say, f my age sensitivities. (hey, whatever makes him smile...!)