Thursday, May 11, 2006

T-Minus 6 Months...

that's right. in a mere 1/2 a year, i'm to be wed.

right now, though, i'm trying to decide on what stamps i'll use on my save-the-dates (to be sent to out-of-town guests in the near future).

here are the top three contenders:

Lovebirds-- aren't they cute? this is my first choice.

animals from kids' books--being a huge Curious George fan, i like there. but acknowledge they are probably too babyish for wedding-related mail. (at my age, no one can accuse me of being a child-bride...)

the Post Office's snazzy new "Our Wedding" stamp. perhaps a bit formal for save-the-dates, no?

i know i have been a neglectful blogger of late. it's due to social overextension. since the weekend before last we've been cuh-razy with the plans...
a brief summary:

Friday, April 28th--dinner at Agave with the Thai-talians. our 8:45 dinner really started at 10 because that's when the Mr. was allowed to leave work. Mrs. T (and the margaritas and sangria) kept us company in the meantime. if you go here and do not get the Santa Fe Shepard's Pie (which is essentially mac and cheese on top of chili) you will regret it. (or be forced to eat off the plate of the smart one who *does* order it. right, Mr. Thai-talian?)

Saturday, April 29th--(daytime) Yankees day game for the birthday of one Scotty G. (one-half of the couple who introduced us.); (night) dinner at Salt with Traveling John and my sorority-sister-made-good. this dinner occurred after the horrible Cuba,* on Thompson Street, completely ignored our reservation. Salt was great though. i thank my erstwhile sorority sister for the clutch recommendation...

Sunday, April 30th--(daytime) Tribeca Film Festival chick flick: One Last Thing; (night) dinner at The Red Cat with Dr. A and his fiancée. i particularly like Sunday dinners that i can drive to. happily, i was able to find parking just a block away. the driving bit limited me to but one cocktail (like T would skip the drinking to drive? puh-lease!), which happened to be an excellent one called the 1815 or something like that. it involved bitters and amaro and ginger ale. quite good!

Thursday, May 4--gym with trainer; Veselka with the brother for his 25th birthday

Friday, May 5, 8PM--dinner with the Bean at good. (i highly, highly recommend the Green Chile Macaroni & Cheese topped with tortilla crumbs. the "tortilla crumbs" are actually Frito crumbs. which is so freaking awesome.) 9:45PM--pass out due to Zyrtec plus two Pisco Sours.

Saturday, May 6--(daytime) not-my-favorite-Tribeca-Film-Festival-movie Fifty Pills followed by lunch with Lola and Ted (again, the Veselka, because it is just that awesome). Fifty Pills? not so awesome. kinf of trite and seemed way too efforted. shame on you, Veronica Mars! i expected more from you! then at a street fair on 2nd Avenue, i ran into the brother of the Porn King and his wife; (nighttime) my brother's birthday shindig at the Magician, which was also the going away party for my faux-younger-brother, T-Bags.

and here i am, woefully behind in blogging as well as tv-watching. (i'm have like three weeks of Big Love yet to watch!) wedding planning has taken a backseat to the food and the booze. but with my new WeightWatchers dedication (as of yesterday i am a slave to the points) the social life shall be curtailed. then it's all blogging, all the time. lucky you!

* here is my review of Cuba that menupages and CitySearch seemingly refuse to post: I have never experienced more dismissive and less apologetic poor service than I did at Cuba. A friend made reservations this evening and when we arrived we were told the wait would be a "few minutes." Indeed, another party that arrived after us was seated in the interim. Over 1/2 hour later (and after a few inquiries to the smug host who, coincidentally, looks a lot like the smug Stephen on "Top Chef") our party of four was seated at 2 two-person rounds hastily thrown together, in the bar area that also served as a general passageway. The butts of people at the overcrowded bar area were pressed against the tables. The host was completely unaccommodating and rude, so we left. If you have the option to not eat or eat at Cuba, I say choose hunger.


At 5/12/2006 08:47:00 AM, Anonymous MrsA said...

Totally go with the lovebirds and save the "our wedding" stamp for, well, your wedding.

I am glad the post office is at least trying with the wedding stamp. When I got married, they had nothing. I may have used the American flag stamp. Sad.


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