Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the last of the florists (Matthew Robbins)

my meeting with Matthew Robbins of Artfool was my first solo vendor meeting. my mom was at the ancestral home and T was at work. so i took a lunch meeting with Matthew on my own. and, if i do say so myself, it went quite well.

Matthew was great. he was very enthusiastic and had a lot of ideas about flowers and less traditional arrangements. he was all about texture and flow, and i really got a sense that if he does our flowers, they will be very catered to us and original. i had feared his ideas would be too country and "too Martha Stewart" (since his arrangements and bouquets are in pretty much every Martha Stewart Weddings), but they weren't.

this cluster arrangement, is what i consider "too Martha"

this bouquet is lovely and not too Martha.

Matthew is on vacation (lucky guy), so i'm awaiting his proposal. hopefully it will come in reasonably. DeJuan Stroud's proposal was within our budget, but he also didn't include any cocktail hour flowers. this may be an oversight, but if it was purposeful then once we add cocktails he may be a bit high.

Stonekelly's proposal was also high, but included some things i think we don't need. fingers crossed that someone will come in a) affordably and b) with all the elements we need.

i believe our planner has us onto cakes and videographers next. this will mark the first bit of excitement Thurston will have regarding the planning process. he has been eagerly awaiting the day where he will get to consume food as part of the planning. thank goodness for cakes, because i think he's just about lost interest in the wedding. cake-tasting may well lure him back in!