Monday, May 15, 2006

let's go to the videotape

before i got engaged, i had taken the time to prepare and plan an elaborate wedding in my head. despite the fact that these plans were for a wedding that i was pretty sure i would never have since i pretty much exclusively encountered frogs looking to be kissed, the plans were fairly involved. but anyway, this wedding (the imaginary one) did not, in any way, include a videographer. i envisioned a giant tripod laden camera being wheeled around by some guy wielding a giant, foam-covered microphone and was so not having that at my dream wedding.

Beta or VHS?

the concept did not exactly fit in with my romantic, classic wedding image.

of course now that i am actually planning my wedding, there is no effing way that the ridiculous time, effort and investment in the event is going to go unpreserved on celluloid. they say the only thing that lasts from a wedding is the pictures and the video (and, presumably, the loving marriage) and hells yeah am i preserving mine.

so now, courtesy of my brilliant planner Farrell of the Wedding Library, we have a couple of appointments to meet videographers.

the first one was Friday, with Valerie Barnes. more on that one tomorrow... (i've managed to exhaust myself stuffing save-the-dates and sealing envelopes while Thurston enjoys the soothing sounds of Guns N' Roses. hopefully, EvilA, with whom T went, is looking out for T so that he doesn't rush the stage and beg Axl to be his new best friend.)


At 5/15/2006 03:21:00 PM, Anonymous W. Thurston Rose said...

I'm glad to see that last night while I was in the jungle, just past paradise city, you thought to yourself, "WWAD" {what would Axl do}? And then you trashed the apartment and prepared to send some STDs in the mail.


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