Friday, December 16, 2005

Dear Santa

each holiday season, at Thurston's work, they have stacks and stacks of letters, in which children ask Santa to send them a Christmas gift. the kids are either in group homes or some other foster-type environment and, let me tell you, the letters will cause even the hardest hearts to soften. as he does every year, T brings home a few letters and then sets off on finding the gifts that the children want.

Dear Santa,

I wanted a Barbie for Christmas, but my sister says
we need clothes more than Barbies. So can I please have some

how can that not just break your heart? well, this year, we ended up with six letters, each more heartrending than the next. there are many reasons why i love Thurston. this week has showcased one of them, to wit, his generosity.

it took us many a day to assemble all the gifts but, happily, we have finally finished. for those of you who are not yet parents, i warn you, gift shopping for kids in Manhattan is no fun task. my advice? birth control until you move! anyhow, here is how our Santa Week went down:

Day One: Sunday Morning, 11am
T and i set off on a mission to what is surely the scariest place in the world: Toy 'R' Us, Times Square.*

imagine this scene with the addition of snow, slush and a million screaming kids.

first of all, right when you walk in they have photographers taking your picture, in case you want to purchase it (framed, for only $17.99!) on your way out. for the record, we didn't. second of all, there's a freaking ferris wheel in the middle of the store. like Toy 'R' Us wasn't enough of a kiddie-scream provoker in and of itself without adding the attraction of a carnival ride... and third of all, it's in Times Square and, thus, has morphed from a store into a tourist** destination.

we knew we needed to get Barbies and Bionicles. the Barbies were fairly easy to locate due to the following display:

yes, the Barbies are sold within a giant replica of a pink Barbie house. Justin and i perused the entire section before finally settling on a couple of My Scene Barbies and Barbie accessories.
here is one of the Barbies we bought for a kid. it's called My Scene Barbie Goes to Hollywood

now this Barbie seems a nice gift. what i was horrified to discover, is that Mattel/Barbie actually make a My Scene Lindsay Lohan doll. now i am a fan of Lindsay, her dysfunctional family and their madcap hijinx as much as the next person (more, probably, since she's from my classy hometown. Merrick, represent, yo!) but, she is *no* role model! even less of a role model?

would your mother let you leave the Dreamhouse dressed like that??

i give you Bling Bling Barbie.
what the f? this Barbie is, in the parlance of our times, a complete ho!

after the Barbie session, wherein we bought a few My Scene Barbies and also a My Scene Party Pad (with working black light-- groovy!), we headed to the Bionicles section to get the little boy some of these new fangled Legos.

this guy is called Keetongu. i have no idea how he factors into the Bionicles story and, i assure you, there *is* a story. it involves the War at Visorak's Gate and the Tua and other Titans and other stuff about which i haven't a clue. bless the Lego Corporate lady who was stationed in the Bionicles section and was able to advise us.

since this is the longest post ever, i will save "Day Two" of our journey (Macy's--ack!) for another time. suffice it to say, i am still tired from this endeavor. don't even get me started on the horror involved in wrapping a Barbie "Party Pad."
* we're not idiots. the Toys 'R' Us Union Square became a Babies 'R' Us and Times Square is now the only Toys 'R' Us in the city.

** tourists = nightmare when it comes to efficiency and speed-of-walking. because it was the holiday season i refrained from my normal tack of dropping my shoulder and walking in a straight line whether or not people are milling aimlessly in my path. also, because it horrifies T when i do this, i did not mutter loudly as i walked by/around people, "it's called a sideWALK and not a sideSTOP for a reason, damn it."

Monday, December 12, 2005

thank you, Mike Myers

thank you, Mike Myers

i really feel as if Mike Myers has played an integral role in my relationship with Thurston. indeed, on our very first (official*) date, at the do-it-yourself Woo Lae Oak, we ran into Mr. Myers on our way home from the restaurant. as we walked by the Angelika, he exited a large cargo/service door. he was alone, and it was random.

fast forward to Saturday, December 10, 2005. we're leaving Cedar, our local bar and scene of our first unofficial date (with good food too, if you happen to be hungry), at 1am or so and who should be walking in as we were walking out? Mr. Austin Powers himself. you might be asking yourself, Lovey, why is this significant?

well, i'll tell you--

on Saturday, prior to seeing Mike Myers, and prior to hitting Cedar, Thurston asked me to make it official and marry him. i said yes. and our guardian angel Mike Myers must have stopped by Cedar to make sure it all went down all right. that's what i tell myself anyway.

this is what i look like when i am shocked and mid-sob. this is what T looks like when he is ridiculously proud of himself for rendering me so.

* T and i met at our friend Mags' birthday party on a Friday and scheduled a date for the following Thursday. on Tuesday night, however, he called me on his way home from a late night at work and asked me "what are you wearing?". not knowing where he was going with that, i told him i was in jeans (truth: i was already in PJs but i felt lame to be bed-ready at 9pm). anyway, what he was looking to know was whether i were dressed and decent to go out, because he didn't want to wait until Thursday for plans. (oh oh oh! so sweet!) neither did i, so we went out Tuesday. to Cedar. but i still consider Thursday to be our First Date (emphasis on the capital letters, please...)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

brrrrr! it's cold in here

when it's 30°F (feels like 22°F!), i miss my old apartment.

my view from my old place in San Francisco. where it *never* gets this cold. at least not until the summer.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

yarn sale

Saturday morning was a brunch with T's college friends and wives. said brunch included a "Yankee Swap." the rules of this one were "bring an item $20 or so, regifts are ok." i had garnered a Kiehl's gift set at a charity dinner

so i brought that. perhaps it was worth more than $20 (or three times that) but it was free for me, so that equals "$20 or so" by my math. anyway, i almost ended up with two cans of Chef Boyardee and a $20 iTunes gift certificate. but, alas, that was not to be. the Cuban's new wife stole away my Chef Boyardee and music. for my trouble, i ended up with a couple of DVDs (Forrest Gump and As Good As It Gets) and T got a book on wine tasting. all in all not so bad!

happily, i had been able to convince T that we needed to drive to the UES so that after brunch i could easily hit an annual "Yarn Sale," located in midtown west at the local (i kid you not) Holiday Inn conference room. the yarn sale was billed (by its own flyers) as a "YARN RIOT!".

although, being that the majority of shoppers were women of 70 years or more, i would say a riot was pretty much wishful thinking. there was a bit of a skirmish between Thurston* and me as he tried to convince me that two garbage bags (tall kitchen size) of yarn was plenty. T won out and i departed the sale chock full of wool. too bad i have been knitting the same sweater since August. but i am rich with yarn, y'all. you're so jealous.

* yes, i made him go to the yarn sale with me. so what? who else was going to carry the yarn!?