Wednesday, January 03, 2001

sometimes i think that pop music is dead but then i remember that we still have people like David to bring us such gems as this. and to think, i thought i'd have to watch all those Real World marathons to get my fix...

this page makes me wonder if i don't have a possible alternative career. i am very abusive to my shoes. who knew i could then sell them for a premium!? and this girl is selling the very same shoes in which i tromped through salted snow and slush! (though she took the mud route.) al bundy, watch your back...

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

my finals have not gone well. but apparently greed is way more important than anything else in the law, so if i work on that, i should be ok... or i could forget about law school and just keep watching these short films, which pretty much rule. "Godzilla v. Disco Lando" remains my favorite.

my new year's was a pretty good time. despite the six-hour open bar, i limited my drinking enough so that i was actually able to remember the night. (that makes two years in a row out of the last nine, so something of an accomplishment...) my relative sobriety, though, did make the $150 cover charge seem like money not that well-spent. and having the music die during Miquel Brown's "So Many Men, So Little Time" was a low point. getting home -- sans taxi -- in 12" of snow was even less of a highlight.

i am cheered today to find out that a little piece of me [the review of "The Store: Comedy Central"] still lives on at the newest incarnation of my former company. it's hard to be sublime in 255 characters or less, but i think that i pulled it off fairly well... (advising Episode One shoppers to let the force be with them was not such a coup.)