Friday, June 16, 2006

One Degree of Kevin Bacon

clearly, because i promised my first part-time day would bring excitement, the stars aligned for me. at around 7:20 last night, Thurston and i ran out to grab a cab (he, too, was having dinner in the East Village, although separately). as we saw occupied cab after occupied cab go by at the corner of 8th Street and University, T spied a cab that had just pulled over and flashed on its "vacant" light.

we waited next to the cab for the passenger to vacate and when he did, lo and behold, it was a scruffy (but still handsome) Kevin Bacon, sporting jeans and putting on a baseball cap disguise.
if you think the excitement stops there, you'd be entirely wrong. *then* our cab driver proceeds to tell us that he told Kevin Bacon a story about a dream he had. in this dream, our cab driver was looking into an antique mirror, but it was blocked by smoke. when the smoke cleared, he was looking at himself, yet he was dressed in full Civil War battle uniform, including a hat with two crossed swords.

we asked him which side he was on and we were happy to hear that it was the Union. then T asked him if he had been watching the History Channel or some such Civil War stuff prior to going to sleep. apparently, Kevin Bacon had asked him the same thing, confirming what i have long believed--that T and KB, as i will now call him, are kindred spirits. (truth be told, T does have some Footloose-quality moves, as Dr. Sexy and Mrs. Dr. can attest, having seen some of the same at their wedding.)

as it turned out, our cabbie had *not* been watching the History CHannel and was not any type of Civil War buff. he then began searching on the Internet for uniforms that resembled his. somehow or another, he came across this guy:

Charles Hamlin, son of Hannibal Hamlin who was Lincoln's VP, and i tell you this without kidding, Charles Hamlin is the *spitting image* of my taxi driver. (who was clean-shaven, however). weird!!

then i went to Lavagna with the girls and had a lovely dinner. for some reason, i forgot to have a cocktail. well, as *my* Civil War hero once said:

After all, tomorrow is another day.


At 6/16/2006 01:09:00 PM, Anonymous Lillers said...

Lovely dinner, except that they couldn't get any of the prices right! Thank godness you were there (and had skipped the coctails, which is more than I can say for me) to straigten them out...nobody does that as well as you:).

Fun night all around!

At 6/16/2006 01:19:00 PM, Anonymous celebri-T sighter said...

I balanced out your lack of cocktails at my meal which included a Julia Stiles sighting. And please don't forget when our cab driver told us that he not only dreams "about himself in the past", but also "about himself in the future"....
And Kevin Bacon is apparently a good tipper, extra bacon from Bacon.

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