Friday, June 09, 2006

hair clip details

because some people at Weddingbee, were curious about the hair clip i wore to the Dr. Sexy wedding, i took a couple of photos of it. (i'm just so all about sating your undying curiosity).

i bought the clip from my ab fab stylist Adolfo (at Paul Lebrecque), who introduced me to the concept of layers.

my hair, many years ago and P.L. (that's pre-layers)

i adore Adolfo, even though between me and Thurston, T is definitely Adolfo's favored client. yes, for wedding day efficiency, i have also forced T to get his haircut by the same guy as me... happily, T loves Adolfo too, so it's worked out well. (in fact he's getting his hair cut there next week, just in time for a the Robinhood benefit, which we attend with my folks each year. this would be another great hair experiment opportunity, were the event not beginning straight after work...)

anyway, here is a close-up of the front and back of the clip. to be sure, i think i want more Swarovski-esque bling for my wedding day hair, but this clip is definitely a good "night out" go-to...