Monday, July 10, 2006


...that's me!
since the weekend of the 4th and my (all-too-brief) escape from the city (with Lola and Ted), i've been doing a whole lot of activity but haven't had much time to document it. the weekend of the 4th was a bit of a disappointment, since my parents' pool was a) unheated and b) just filled, making for a chilly swimming environment. happily, the pool heater problem has since been fixed, so if i ever make it out there again this summer, i might be able to bear exposing myself to more than waist deep excursions... Lola and Thurston were braver, getting all the way into the deep end. the boys also got to play catch and whiffle ball and T got to eat a burger just the way he likes it-- scarily cooked.

the rest of the weekend was kind of beat as T had a cold. so i made some Thai Carrot Spicy Soup, which was quite awesome. (since i froze a bunch of it, it's also served as a delicious lunch this week).

we went to Lupa for his birthday dinner and then spent Independence Day gaining our freedom from clutter. (read, we cleaned out some of our closets.) does it get more exciting than that?
the true excitement though (and when is it not?) is born of all the wedding related balls i have been juggling. cakes and brunches and dresses--oh my! and that's just the easy stuff.

but aside from cake appointments this past weekend, we did get to a) see Superman Returns with Sam and Mark and b) have brunch with Evil and Mrs. A at O'Nieal's in Hoboken (where we got to sit outside and have outstanding burgers.* for some reason, i decided it made extra sense to drive to the movies on Saturday night. i was all, "it's Battery Park City--even if we have to park in a lot, it will be so much cheaper than cabs for both ways."
not only was parking *not* cheaper than cabs (cough-over $30-coughcough), it was not even that close to the theater. another one of my hare-brained schemes, go figure.

you might have thought i learned my lesson earlier that day, when, during a cake excursion to Brooklyn, we found a great new way to learn that the car's inspection is up:

because the A/C in our car is shot, we switched cars with my brother (who, on a cross-country road trip in my parents' other car, may or may not be aware of this transaction). in doing so, we neglected to notice that my brother did not get his car inspected as he ought to have done in June. so, yes, another "let's drive to save $" trip has (again) become more costly than a cab ride. hell, even a car service would have been more economical. yeah, driving in the city makes sense.
* yes, i am aware of the weight consequences of burgers and fries, but i also am aware of the me-consequences of burger deprivation. it ain't pretty...