Thursday, June 22, 2006

America's Got Talent/American Juniors

ok, i'll readily admit that my taste in TV is questionable, at best. during the summer--even more so. back in the day (the days of 2003, to be specific), i watched a FOX summer program called American Juniors, whereby America got to vote five kids into* an all-kids singing/dancing/being adorable group, aptly named "American Juniors." (i am sure that Thurston is thrilled that this show aired prior to us meeting, allowing him to dodge the bullet of watching it...)

the group consisted of Taylor, Danielle, Tori (Taylor's sister), Chauncey and Lucy (at least those are the names i remember).

but there was a less moppety-cute girl on the show, who was a quite a singer. that girl was Chantal Kohl. sure, sometimes judge Debbie Gibson thought she was dressed a little too maturely, but Chantal was pretty good. she did not get picked for the group, which is why i was not that surprised to see her on another awesome(ly horrible) show last night:
America's Got Talent.

however, as it turns out, the girl on last night's show was actually named Alexis (i don't recall her last name) and just happened to be Chantal's doppelgänger.
although the AGT web site has yet to update photos of its "talent", i have found this clip of Alexis singing Whitney, natch. (why do all reality singers pick Whitney???) and she looks *just like* Chantal:

as soon as i get an Alexis pic, i will do a side-by-side and you will see that strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
* see how they flipped the Idol formula on its head? noone got voted *out* here. just voted *in*. it's so different!


At 7/13/2008 03:56:00 PM, Blogger UmassSlytherin said...

Your link is not working for me. Sorry. Glitch.

That being said, I liked Chantel too. I don't think she didn't get into the group, though, because she wasn't cute. I think it was because she sucked as a dancer.

My favorite American Junior was Jordan McCoy.

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