Monday, December 12, 2005

thank you, Mike Myers

thank you, Mike Myers

i really feel as if Mike Myers has played an integral role in my relationship with Thurston. indeed, on our very first (official*) date, at the do-it-yourself Woo Lae Oak, we ran into Mr. Myers on our way home from the restaurant. as we walked by the Angelika, he exited a large cargo/service door. he was alone, and it was random.

fast forward to Saturday, December 10, 2005. we're leaving Cedar, our local bar and scene of our first unofficial date (with good food too, if you happen to be hungry), at 1am or so and who should be walking in as we were walking out? Mr. Austin Powers himself. you might be asking yourself, Lovey, why is this significant?

well, i'll tell you--

on Saturday, prior to seeing Mike Myers, and prior to hitting Cedar, Thurston asked me to make it official and marry him. i said yes. and our guardian angel Mike Myers must have stopped by Cedar to make sure it all went down all right. that's what i tell myself anyway.

this is what i look like when i am shocked and mid-sob. this is what T looks like when he is ridiculously proud of himself for rendering me so.

* T and i met at our friend Mags' birthday party on a Friday and scheduled a date for the following Thursday. on Tuesday night, however, he called me on his way home from a late night at work and asked me "what are you wearing?". not knowing where he was going with that, i told him i was in jeans (truth: i was already in PJs but i felt lame to be bed-ready at 9pm). anyway, what he was looking to know was whether i were dressed and decent to go out, because he didn't want to wait until Thursday for plans. (oh oh oh! so sweet!) neither did i, so we went out Tuesday. to Cedar. but i still consider Thursday to be our First Date (emphasis on the capital letters, please...)


At 12/12/2005 08:49:00 AM, Anonymous MrsA said...

Now that is not such a bad picture of you in mid-sob...I expected much worse...snot, tears...overall, a very cute picture.

Congrats to Thurston and best wishes to my dear Lovey, who was instrumental in introducing me to my better half (oh oh!). I am so excited for you guys!

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