Monday, November 21, 2005

still Trashy after all these years

well, once again, my White Trash party was an amazing success, if i do say so myself. ha! (i, for one, will never complain about a party that costs about 50¢ to throw.)

but it really was a good time. this was approximately the 8th annual party* and, although calmer than in previous years, fun was still had by all. the "catering" consisted of Fritos, Cheetos, Devil Dogs, Twinkies, Spinach Cheddar dip, Ranch dip, Ritz Crackers, Miss Emily's Famous Pigs-in-Blankets and assorted Costco frozen hors d'oeuvres. the hooch included Schlitz, PBR, Boone's, Bartles & James, and Jack Daniels. and this doesn't even include the awesome guest-contributed stuff such as: Double Stuf Oreos, Marshmallows, Mini Frosted Donuts, Nati Lite, many cans of OE, and more.

here are a couple of photos, in case you want to witness the magic!

give me back my wine cooler, Colette!

the Bean only wishes she could work at Roy's

this scares me too. i promise.

thanks to Thurston's horrifically revealing cut-offs, the authenticity abounded. his Roy Rogers' apron--a souvenir of his tenure at the greatest restaurant of all--was a big hit too. EvilA held it down in his touchably soft velour tracksuit, although kept his edge with a t-shirt bearing a giant B.I.G. portrait. the MVP of costumes was clearly Dr. Steph, although i won't post her photo here until i run it by her. suffice it to say, Strawberry came through with a sheer red top and awesome camo pants. many other outfits were esp. notable, such as John's "Let's Do It My Double Wide" T; Liller's WT socialite shirt and Amy's turn as a Hooter's girl.

you all so can't wait until next year. i promise to try to bring back the trannies and the meth lab, most recently seen at the parties of 1999 & 2000.

* i have to estimate since this party has been going on since around 1997 or so, but there was at least a one-year hiatus when i (briefly) moved to San Francisco.


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