Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Plantation Mint

well, i'm not on the sunporch of my Georgian estate, but i sure am enjoying me some of that Plantation Mint Tea.
it is freaking cold in my office. it may well be colder in here than it is outside. (and it's not summertime out there either.) this is not good at all as i attempt to recover from the sore throat (cough, cough) that kept me home from work Monday and Tuesday of this week.

this cold/sore throat started out in the guise of a hangover. Friday night was dinner with the ladies and Thurston at Yuca Bar. we were meant to start the night at KGB for a reading by Jen. but i was home late from work and missed the reading timeframe. (lame, i know.) T and i got to dinner first, beating Lillers and Mel by a hair. Melissa showed up next and Ivona and Jen brought up the rear. by the time all had arrived i was already one (or two by then) with the Yucatan Sunrise, which was sangria topped off with frozen margarita. after dinner we headed to Orchid Lounge, where i kept my streak alive. the streak consisting of me drinking myself into a painful next morning with overly sugary drinks* served at Orchid Lounge. two for two, baby.

so i wake up on Saturday convinced i am hungover. but, see, since i stayed sick through Tuesday, clearly i was just starting to fall ill and the booze had nothing to do with it. the lesson i take from this is that i should get right back on the horse. and have it take me to a bar. ASAP!

* my last visit to Orchid Lounge occurred as the second half of the inaugural Girls' Night and consisted of multiple Cosmopolitans, which i had never drank prior to that occasion. (T does not believe this, but it's true.) on that night though, the case of wine consumed prior to Orchid may have also had a hand in the pain. T had just ordered a case of his favorite sancerre. but his timing was terrible! since it was right there in the refrigerator begging to be a part of Girls' Night, what were ten drunk ladies to do? i think we left him a bottle or two, though. see? after all, we're not cruel!


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