Tuesday, September 20, 2005

cool rider

when my sister and i were little, we used to grab the nearest water cooler bottle so we could re-enact the awesome Stephanie Zinone rendition of Cool Rider.
sure, Michelle Pfeiffer had a ladder to climb up on, but we had Poland Spring bottle to climb over and belt out: if it ta-a-a-kes forever, then i'll wa-a-a-it forever...
well, all the childhood days i spent glued to Grease 2 were not for naught!

my viewing prowess paid off tonight. and how!
i met the one, the only, Peter Frechette a/k/a Louis DiMucci-- the would-be deflowerer of Pink Lady Sharon. ah, "Let's Do It for Our Country" was a favorite song of mine. it really brought patriotism to the forefront.

yes, T and i went to see Cause Celeb* the very funny brainchild of our friend Nancy and her colleague Charlotte. last night was themed Porno/Politico, and Peter Frechette read from the ever-inspiring autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the monotone Austrian accent and all. after the show, Nancy introduced me to him, whereupon i'm sure i traumatized this fellow with my unbridled enthusiasm for his work in Grease 2. (especially in light of the fact that he's starred on Broadway and won an Emmy and a Tony award in the interim.)
i called my sister immediately after and, happily, she was as excited about this encounter as i. T was utterly confused but, hey, life with me requires that he be confused a fair percentage of the time.

*you can catch it next Monday night at The Cutting Room. i highly recommend this show. very raunchy but you all can handle that, i'm sure! (in this version they read from autobiographies of Jerry Butler and Jack Wrangler, as well as Gennifer Flowers, Barbara Bush, and others)


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