Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Skee Blue Balls

well, this weekend qualified as more socially eventful than most weekends of late. T and i went out both weekend nights. which is even more remarkable when you factor in our two day weekend gym attendance. we are just so awesome, no?

Friday night was the Yankees/Sox game at some NYU-esque sports bar.

chosen by me, actually, so i oughtn't to complain, but since complain is what i do second best (after my #1 skill, napping), complain i will. truthfully, the bar wasn't so bad. but the music sure was. it was like 1998-era club jamz played at a deafening volume. this made no sense at all, since every person in the bar appeared not to be grinding to drums-n-bass but rather watching the all-important baseball game. with multiple large screen tvs i thought the bar could figure out its purpose but it got confused. i had seasoned waffle fries (i got flex points, yo) and was, thus, happy overall.

Saturday afternoon we showed incredible restraint and hit the gym instead of the penultimate street fair of the season outside our building (the last one is November 12th, in case any of you were planning on going, by the way).
post-gym my fabulously amazing hairdresser cut Thurston's hair in a style befitting a would-be-shipwrecked-millionaire.

much later that night, we met up with the California Sister, my brother, the Bean, Targs, T's brother + gf, and sundry others at Ace Bar.

i was informed that Ace Bar now has skee-ball machines. i was, appropriately, psychotically excited about this, as was the Bean.

well, it was all for naught.
let me be the first to tellyou that Ace's skee-ball machines suck. a) they cost $1 per game. which is a rip off; b) the machines are right next to a bench where people sit, thereby limiting one's ability to wind up; and c) NO TICKETS. that's right, you can have a kickass game and walk away with nothing to show for it. i call shenanigans.


At 10/20/2005 01:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skee ball at Ace Bar rules! They told me leagues are starting and that a high score gets a free drink. That is the prize I drinks, not a plastic toy.

At 10/26/2005 04:59:00 PM, Blogger Lovey H. said...

you're a Chewlie's Gum Representative? and you're what? Stirring up all this anti-smoking sentiment to sell more gum? GET OUT OF HERE! seriously, guy, do you work at Ace Bar??

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